Shaping the future of family law

Making family justice fairer

Shaping the future of Family Law


We are working to make our society a fairer place by campaigning for changes to make the family justice system fairer and more accessible.

We actively campaign for change, working tirelessly with others across the sector to improve protection for victims of abuse, protect the rights of those most marginalised and vulnerable, and to try to ensure that the rights our laws give us are available for everybody who needs them. The Family Justice system is creaking at the seams, which undermines the rule of law and makes access to justice unequal.

We believe access to justice is the cornerstone of a civilised society and we are committed to campaigning, influencing and  collaborating with all interested stakeholders to bring about positive change.





We regularly work with other organisations. If you would like to know more or would like to help us with our campaigning work please call us or email us on

We are currently working with:

We work closely with the Legal Aid Practitioners Group to campaign for better access to justice.

If you would like more information about our work in this area call us on 020 7101 3090 or email us on