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More than 120 MPs led by Louise Haig MP have written to the government asking for an inquiry into how family courts in England and Wales treat victims of domestic violence. At least four children have been killed by a parent in the last five years after...

Ending the blame game: no fault divorce

The government’s proposals to reform divorce law are a welcome and long awaited change. The prospect of a ‘no fault divorce’ means that couples will finally be allowed to end their marriages without unnecessary family conflict being built in to the process. This will...

Manipulating a partner’s finance to be treated as domestic abuse

Manipulating a partner’s finances is to be treated as a form of domestic abuse for the first time, Telegraph Money has learned, but experts say victims seeking justice will continue to be left vulnerable by the legal system. Contact us for advice on contact@beckfitzgerald.co.uk

Lawyers in the Family Courts – Are they worth it?

Legal aid was removed for 80% of family law cases following the Legal Aid Sentencing and Punishment of Offenders Act back in 2013. This means that less people have been able to access legal advice for free in family law cases even where they have no money....

Legal aid cuts…false economy?

Legal aid for family law matters is in tatters. The Government is about to announce the results of its review into The Legal Aid Sentencing and Punishment of Offenders Act. Nobody expects an injection of cash…but could the money spent on legal aid family law be spent smarter? Read more…

Beck Fitzgerald – raising money for Refuge

Given our extensive work in domestic abuse cases we understand what a crucial role refuges play in providing safety for survivors and their families. That’s why we were proud to support Refuge by doing a charity 10k run…read more

Advice and support for victims of domestic violence

The government has taken steps to enable more victims of domestic abuse to access legal help. The snappily named ‘Legal Aid and Sentencing Punishment of Offenders Act’ (LASPOA) removed legal aid for private family law matters save in circumstances where there is evidence of domestic abuse or child abuse…read more

Born Fighter – Jenny Beck

I never tire of the fight. I’m probably the most tenacious person you’ll ever meet.’ So declares Jenny Beck, serial campaigner and access-to-justice evangelist….read more of Jenny’s interview

Discussing Legal aid with DfID

Until the Legal Aid Act 1949 there was no legal aid available in civil cases, the majority of the population had no option but to rely on pro bono services for advice and representation. The pro bono movement is important in the story of the development of legal aid..read more